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Rise of the Guardians Communities | FanFiction This is where Jack Frost gets turned evil by Pitch Black or anyone else that is evil! Also, if Jack joins Pitch and anyone else evil too! It can end in happiness or death! If you would like to be on staff PM me :) Jack Frost And Pitch Black Love Lemons Fanfic | Les Baux-de-Provence - Gaia to Jack jack frost and pitch black love lemons fanfic Frost Mother Nature (Gaia) is a character in the Rise of the Guardians. She is Pitch Black's daughter but unknown of this information after she became a spirit.

Jack Frost (Film Character) Japanese translation.The relationships they have with each other are great too and this scene shows how much Pitch actually is a tortured soul, despite how much we should hate him we feel bad for him and a villain that we can relate to is what everyone wants.

Roving Reading Writer • ROTG Fanfiction: Blizzard-Chapter 10 Pitch shattered it with an amused laugh, but Jack stood his ground, refusing to allow the dark spirit access to the two children. “You’ve done well , Frost,” Pitch praised, watching him closely. Jack Frost and Pitch Black Antarctica Scene - YouTube Disclaimer: I do not own any part of this movie. I am simply using it as a means to complete a homework assignment.

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